Aman Gupta Biography

Aman Gupta, an Indian businessman, was one of the people that contributed to the development of the boat, and he currently holds the position of chief marketing officer for the company. Before he established his own company making electrical devices, Aman held a range of jobs in a number of different organizations. The first thing on the agenda for this morning is a discussion on Aman Gupta’s life story. The majority of people are acquainted with him as a result of the show Shark Tank India, on which he previously starred as one of the sharks. This program is the primary reason why people are familiar with him. He always mentioned that, which is what distinguishes your things unique from rivals and enables you to launch them in the market. As a direct result of the improved quality of the product, sales of it progressively grew over time, and the ultimate result is right in front of your eyes: he is now the owner of a firm that is worth one billion dollars.

In addition to him, a large number of other businesspeople joined the show, including Ashneer Grover, Vineeta Singh, Anupam Mittal, Peyush Bansal, and Namita Thapar; Ghazal Alagh is a participant on the show in the capacity of a “Shark.” He gained a significant amount of notoriety as a result of his appearance on the Sony TV show “Shark Tank India.” A large number of business owners from all over India go to the venue of the event in order to present their businesses to the group of investors known as “sharks” and ask for financial support for their organizations.

Early Life

Did you give any thought to what Aman Gupta did in the past before Boat was released on the market? At this point, everyone is familiar with Aman Gupta as the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Boat. Aman earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree and then went on to get his degree in Chartered Accountants (CA) from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. During his time in school, he was successful in all of his endeavors. After obtaining his CA, he worked for around two years at Citibank in the assistant manager position. After that, he had the ambition to do something significant on his own, so he collaborated with his father to launch a business known as Advanced Telemedia Private Limited. It seems that he is unhappy with the business. In addition, he worked for a number of other firms.


2015 marked the beginning of Aman Gupta’s career as a co-founder of the company Boat. The Apple charging cable, which was highly robust and long-lasting, was the first product that the company introduced to the market. Customers on Amazon began praising the product almost immediately, and it began selling quite quickly. In this manner, he began his professional life by building boats, and later, in response to changing trends and requirements, he developed other items. Bluetooth speakers and headphones are by far the boat’s most popular items in terms of sales.


On March 4, 1982, Aman Gupta was born in the city of Delhi. Aman was the child of Neeraj Gupta and Jyoti Gupta, and he grew up in a family with several children. He was one of two children; his brother’s name was Anmol, and his sister’s name was Neha. Aman Gupta wed Priya Daga in 2008, and the pair is now very much in love with one another. Both of them had a daughter named Ada Gupta, while the other one was named Miraya Gupta.


Net worth

It is common knowledge that Boat is a very successful firm that brings in profits measured in crores. In 2016, he and Sameer Mehta established their firm under the name Boat. Now let’s get down to business: according to certain estimates, Aman Gupta has a net worth of roughly 700 crores of rupees. Aman Gupta is also profitable thanks to the other assets he has. He has a stake in a number of other businesses via the purchase of shares. Aman made investments in a variety of businesses including Shiprocket, Skippi ice Pop, 10 Club, Bummer, and The Renal project, amongst others.